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Caught a piece on Nile Roger’s new ‘Chic’ album on GMTV this morning…what a inspiration!

He explained that his new album is called ‘It’s About Time

Wow…talk about great minds thinking alike! Our blog, and research is also ‘about’…’time’.

Only we are all about circadian clocks and how plants tell the time.

Just how do plants anticipate the light at dawn for photosynthesis, and how do they time the breakdown of the starch that they’ve made during the day for surviving the dark of the night? How do they do this?

It’s their circadian clocks – molecular DNA and protein ‘cogs’ that link together to make a molecular timer. They just keep ticking – even during the night – maybe it even allows plants to ‘stay up all night to get lucky!’

Pretty funky, no?

We have circadian clocks too. Nile Rogers is an international jet set superstar. I’m sure he’ll feel his clock ‘squeal’ at times with all the globe trotting and jet lag. That’s when the internal clock becomes de-synchronised with its new environment, and it takes a day or two to readjust. Understanding circadian biology is a really ‘cool’ area of research just now. You only have to look at last years Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine – it went to circadian clock research!

All this funk makes me want to get down to our research song! Check it out here:


Good times………

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Bower Building chimney, University of Glasgow - view from just outside the lab
Bower Building chimney, University of Glasgow – view from just outside the lab

I suppose ‘It’s About Time’ we actually posted something!

It’s taken us a while but hopefully this is the start of an interesting way to disseminate what we get up to in our labs and provide a sort of diary of our activities.

During the establishment of this blog we’ve talked a lot about how time and seasons seemed to be a huge influence on artists and songwriters (I’ve been introduced to the delights of Fairport Convention & The Incredible String Band, for example) and I’m sure that this will be a subject of future posts – Time and the passage of Time sure seems to get under our skins, no?

Anyway, welcome to our blog! We are chronobiologists and we like splicing!