Clockwork (Orange)


One thing that I find increasingly challenging is actually getting into the lab. A combination of major rebuilding a the University of Glasgow and Glasgow City Council imposing a ‘ring of no-free-parking steel’ around the West End of the city results in a unseemly work-day scramble to get the few remaining reasonably cost-effective parking spaces near the University.

Thus I often find myself zig-zagging across the city to eventually end up back across the Clyde river to do park-and-ride with the Glasgow Underground (aka the Clockwork Orange) at either the Shields Road or Kelvinbridge stations to get back over to the West End.


I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much, however. At least I get to see this great mural of Glasgow’s West End by Alastair Gray, author of Lanark. The mural adorns the entrance/exit foyer of Hillhead underground station – the station nearest the University of Glasgow main campus.

The Bower Building – where the Glasgow collaborators are based – can be spotted on the mural map ! Here it is – located right next to the modern Woolfson Medical School Building:


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